Albrecht Ed
Allie Gair
Aube Hormidas
Austin Senators 44-0
Bahr Edson
Barbee Dave
Barbour Lou
Batterton Jesse
Bedford Benjamin
Beers Clarence
Bell Bill
Benson Allen
Benton Al
Bertrand Hank Meriwether Conklyn
Bisland Rivington
Blanchard Jerry
Bliss Roy
Bowman Bob
Boyd Lincoln
Branom Dud
Brant Grover
Brenegan Sam
Brief Bunny
Brinkopf Leon
Brown Buster
Brown Delos
Brown Norman
Buckles Jess
Cantley John
Castro Fidel
Clabaugh Moose
Clauss Lefty
Cobb Paul
Cobb Ty
Covington Chet
Creighton Lowell
Crews Fair
Crocker Claude
Crowson Woody
Currie Clarence
Dalkowski Steve
Davenport Dave
Davidson Billy Joe
Davis Crash
Dawson Rex
DeForge Barney
Del Greco Bobby
Dillhoefer Pickles
Doak Chick
Dodd Ona
Douglass Astyanax
Douglass Whammy
Dresser Bob
Eldridge Rube
Elkins Jack
Epps Aubrey
Fallenstein Ed
Fannin Cliff
Ferrell Wes
Fesler Bob
Fink Herman
Freine Charles
Gabler Bill
Gaddy John
Gaw Chippy
Glenn Joe
Gray Ted
Grigg Erastus
Grover Roy
Hallman Charles
Hanson Elmer
Hardee Ray
Hauser Joe
Heitmann Henry
Heitmuller Heine
Henion Lafayette
Henly Cack
Higgins Festus
Hodge Carson
Hodkey Eli
Horton Herky Jerky
Hulen Billy
Hutson Ray
Jackley Waldo
Jackson Shoeless Joe
John Neuer
John Taff
Johnson Jr Walter
Judy Lyle
Juney Frank
Justis Walter
Kane Harry
Kennedy Frosty
Ketchikan Amphibians of
Klumpp Elmer
Kluttz Clyde
Koenigsmark Will
Krapp Gene
Leary Frank
Lefler Wade
Leifer Elmer
Leonard Joe
Levi John
Lookabaugh Jacob
Loos Pete
Lovett Tom
Mapel Rolla
Martini Wedo
Mathewson Henry
McConnell George
McKie Rogers
Meadows Rufus
Minor Piggy
Moore Billy Joe
Mooty Jake
Morrison Phil
Munsell Hick
Neighbors Cy
Nell Gordon
Neuer Tacks
New York Yankees Demise of
Nicholson Ovid
Norwich Reds
O'Connor Andy
Oliver Faulkner
Onslow Jack
Ovid Nicholson
Parker Doc
Persons Archie
Plews Herb
Ponce Tony
Pumpelly Spencer
Quinlan Finners
Quinn Jack
Rabbitt Joe
Rawlings Reggie
Ray Cucchiarini
Reppy Gaylord
Ridgway Jacob
Riley Jim
Rowher Claude
Rumple Shine
Schneider Pete
Sexton Frank
Shelton Skeeter
Sievers Roy
Skeels Dave
Smith Charlie
Stan Galle
Steve Gerkin
Stevens R.C.
Stormy Davis
Stuart Luke
Suck Tony
Swails Alex
Swentor August
Taff John
Tate Henry
Thurston Hollis
Tonka Walla
Tufteland Doad
Ty Cobb
Van Dusen Fred
Van Heuitt Bill
Vines Clauson
Wacker Jimmy
Walter Moser
Weiser Bud
Werber Billy
Whitey Whitt
Wiggs Jimmy
Wilson Hack
Wormwood Harry
Zipfel Bud


Dedicated to the proposition that baseball history should be far more than a chronicle of superstars and championship teams. Diamonds in the Dusk is a celebration of the amazing diversity of America's National Pastime -- spotlighting the characters and the oddities (and the odd characters!) that have populated the game at both the major league and minor league level.

For every Babe Ruth there is a Bunny Brief. For every Willie Mays, a Bris "The Human Eyeball" Lord. For every Sandy Koufax, an Astyanax Douglass. The 1927 Yankees are justly famous, but the Longview Cannibals, the Raton Swastikas, the Texarkana Casketmakers and the Staunton Lunatics should not be forgotten either.

Coming soon, stories on Steve (Wild Thing) Dalkowski, Jack Elkins, Ed Fallenstein, Herman Fink, Elmer Hansen, Lyman (Tulsa Two Base Terror) Lamb, Bill (Not Quite Grover Lowdermilk) Kennedy, Douglas (Five Star) MacArthur, Walter Malmquist, John Neuer, Ovid Nicholson, Archie Persons, Art (The Chief) Rooney, Shine Rumple, Luke Stuart, Al Teft and Jimmy Wiggs among others. A veritable smorgasbord of All-Stars.

Today's Featured Stories
Dave Barbee, ''Gate City Crasher''
Posted On: 04/12/2012 4:15 PM

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Heine Heitmuller, ''Posthumous Batting Champion''
Posted On: 04/12/2012 3:28 PM

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